Summer Music 7/24

April 15, 2013

July 24th.  Ellen Singer and Gary Rondeau, 1025 Elkay Drive off River Road

What is Typhoone?

March 2, 2010

I thought you’d never ask. The name Typhoone was bestowed upon me by a drunk guy while I was standing on the Pavilion of the Man in Black Rock City in 2003, the first time I participated in the Burning Man experiment in radical self-sufficiency, gift economy and artistic community.

The guy asked me if I had a playa name. I said no. He then used these exact words: “Your playa name is Typhoone, with an E at the end!” He staggered off and I never saw him again, which was probably just as well. Still, his legacy lives on. Little did I realize the extent of his originality. It’s the only username I’ve ever attempted which always gets through on the first try.

The level of originality varies from year to year at Burning Man, but I appreciate the massive effort. I always appreciate effective artistic expression, whether produced by intention, serendipity or some combination of the two.

In general, I find life quite endlessly entertaining. There’s so much to do, see, hear, taste, touch, think about and enjoy. It’s a mystery to me how people can ever be bored. If the environment is insufficiently stimulating, there’s always inner space to explore.

Or you could always go someplace else and venture into the unexpected.

Maybe I’ll see you there.